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Official Gene Simmons Kiss Armor Costume

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Brand new and never worn! We have a 1997 Official Kiss Latex style uniform from the Destroyer era.  The kit automatically comes with: Shoulder/Chest Armor, Spiked Gauntlets, Studded belt, Leg Armor and Shoe covers.  Due to the holiday season quickly approaching I am throwing in additional items OF YOUR CHOICE!.... AND THEN IM THROWING EVEN MORE ITEMS FREE OF CHARGE
Now, at Kiss4Sale we give you the option to choose your free items to complete your kit. BUT, with whatever choice you make we are also going to throw in a free complete pack of our new Kiss Air Fresheners AND a Kiss storage tin. ON TOP OF US COMPLETING YOUR NEW DEMON UNIFORM
Options I provide for you to complete the kit AT NO CHARGE TO YOU (not including the additional freebies),
-One matching rubber mask (also illusive concepts 1997)-Valued at $50.00 - Pictured
-Kiss makeup kit AND demon wig (sonic boom makeup kit or live nation)
or, you could message me if you see something else you're interested in and I can try my hardest to throw it in FREE OF CHARGE
This is a great deal, a fantastic uniform and is guaranteed to make people turn their heads to figure out what just walked by them on Halloween OR while you're performing live on stage